Interview w/Flamer (Ex-Bleak) 10/03/2009

When was FLAMER formed and why?
Caleb: Officially Flamer was formed the day Bleak broke up - that would be the 6th of Feb 2009 - but the idea of Flamer was born already in 2003. As for why - you could call my previous band, Bleak, a "difficult relationship". Me and the rest of the band members were heading for different directions and we all were really unhappy musically and otherwise. I realised if I was to do things my way, it had
to be with other musicians - so that's why Flamer was formed in the first place.

What is your music background?
Caleb: The members of the band are yet to be revealed but I can say this: all of the members in FLAMER are very talented and have a lot of experience in playing with bands - they've played in several Finnish groups that you've probably already heard of.

What kind of music do you guys play and has it changed during the years?
Caleb: The idea of the music style was born in 2003 when I wrote a song called 'Crossword', and I've developed it ever since - you can hear it in most of the songs on the album [Burns Inside] that I wrote while being in Bleak, but also in the new Flamer songs. It's hard to describe it shortly but let's call it " hooky gothgrungerock".

What does a rocker's spare time look like?
Caleb: I for one have no "real" spare time since a lot of my time is spent in songwriting and other projects I'm with at the moment. But maybe a enjoyable night at the bar, a walk in the park, a good book/movie and most important: good company, will do!

What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)
Caleb: FLAMER's songs are about issues that affect me so strongly that I have to write them down to get them out of my system - about the way of the world today, about people and their behaviour, about love, anger, lust, fun and all kinds of memories & thoughts that fill my head.

Do you write your own songs? If so, who?
Caleb: I write all the songs in FLAMER - with few exceptions: for example our song 'Pyromania' was co-written with our lead guitarist, Sigurd.

What's your favourite venue to play at or to watch gigs?
Caleb: Although I prefer venues with space and lots of crowd, the place isn't that important - the people and the feeling they give us, is what really counts. At best, it can be something that's pure magic.

Who is your shining star in live performances and why?
Caleb: In live performances, I'd say we all "shine like stars"! We all have a lot of experience in playing live and it shows.

What are your immediate career goals? (Next 1 to 3 years)
Caleb: The next step would be to start touring and record the album! Let's hope we'll get to release a single in Autumn!

Which one do you prefer, chocolate or strawberries and why..?
Caleb: I'd say chocolate with strawberries since both are delicious!

What could be found from your backstage?
Caleb: Lots and lots of scary stuff! Beware....

What do fans mean to you?
Caleb: I genuinely respect all the loyal fans that have shown undying support all these years. They are our brothers and sisters. I also welcome all the new fans, join the family :)

Have you ever experience anything crazy with a fan? Or what was the weirdest thing that happened to you with fans?
Caleb: One time I was singing in a bar and this drunken girl suddenly appeared behind me and tried to pull my pants down - and as I tried to keep them on, I fell and hit the ground, cutting myself in the arm quite badly and there was blood everywhere but I could only laugh. Her enthusiasm was admirable!

Will we see you in the near future :)?
Caleb: You will certainly see FLAMER in the near future! Just you wait ;)

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